Experimental RTS8891 SANE backend

Scanners supported

This backend supports the UMAX Astra 4400/4450 and HP 4470c. USB Ids:

Status of build rc1 (2008-03-14)

Status of build 38 (2008-03-05)

Status of build 35 (2008-02-29)

Status (2008-01-07)


The full SANE CVS sources patched with the backend are at sane-backends-rts8891.tar.gz
Unpack the sources, configure and compile.
Or you can grab it as patch against SANE 1.0.19 rts8891.patch.gz
You may use the script to do a preview with scanimage and full debug activated, and xrun to run xsane before doing a system wide install.
You can send me or SANE devel (registration required) feedback about your success or problem reports.