SANE genesys/gl646 backend area



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Collection of scripts to turn the output of sniffusb into human readable data : processing scripts archive

This archive contains several scripts to process logs get with sniffusb (see tools). The first one to use is which turns raw USB data into a readable form. Then you can use on the output of the first script to see what's the scanner is doing. This second script builds an internal state that reflects what the ASIC state would be and uses sart/stop motor commands as commits.

The process of adapting the backend is to process USB data, run a test scan of the backend with full debugging activated, then compare both. Fix differences until it works.


Work-in-progress documentation of the genesys backend, and the process of adding a new model to it : GL646 (work in slow slow progress...)


You can download a source archive with the latest GL646 code. This latest version can do 75 dpi uncalibrated scans for the XP200, and has 300 and 600 dpi colors scans mode for G2410. The G2410 new mode aren't tested since I don't have a device for that.

Once downloaded and extracted to a directory, you can configure it with ./configure --enable-libusb, compile it with make, then you can run this testing version -without installing it- with 2 scripts located in the backend subdirectory. 'run-xp200' and 'run-genesys'. In case you do some test, please send me the *.log and *.pnm files that will be created.